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What is How Much Oxalate?

How Much Oxalate? is a reference site designed with the following three goals in mind:

  1. Help calcium oxalate kidney stone sufferers easily find the oxalate content in various foods and drinks
  2. Highlight oxalate content in foods based on food groups
  3. Highlight oxalate content in foods based on a rating system

How do I interpret the data?

Oxalate content in food and drink is measured in milligrams. There are three important elements to understand when parsing the data shared on this site:

  1. Follow the rating system that's based on oxalate content. See table below (from lowest to highest measured in mg):
    RatingOxalate (mg)
    Little or none0-1mg
    Very Low1-2mg
    Very High13mg+
  2. Review the serving size (specific measurement units are provided for each item)
  3. Understand the relationship between the serving size and oxalate content:A serving measurement = Bmg oxalate
    (i.e. 1 cup of raisins = 3mg oxalate)

Where does the data come from?

Though there are many sources of oxalate content in foods available, the one most cited in academic research is Harvard University's Howard T.H. Chan School of Public Health's oxalate food list.1 This data is freely available. The dataset used on this site is unchanged from its source.

Is this site meant to provide health or medical advice?

No, not at all. This site is for reference only. Evaluate all content with a qualified health professional.

Who can I contact about this site if I have a question or comment?

You can contact me by filling out this form.

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