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Spinach, cookedVegetables1/2 cup755mgVery High
Spinach, rawVegetables1 cup656mgVery High
RhubarbVegetables1/2 cup541mgVery High
Rice BranBreads & Grains1 cup281mgVery High
Buckwheat GroatsBreads & Grains1 cup cooked133mgVery High
AlmondsNuts & Seeds1 oz or 22 kernels122mgVery High
Miso SoupSoups1 cup111mgVery High
Wheat BerriesBreads & Grains1 cup cooked98mgVery High
Baked Potato with SkinVegetables1 medium97mgVery High
Corn GritsBreads & Grains1 cup97mgVery High
Corn GritsBreakfast1 cup97mgVery High
Soy FlourBreads & Grains1 cup94mgVery High
Soy FlourIngredients1 cup94mgVery High
Bulgur, cookedBreads & Grains1 cup86mgVery High
BeetsVegetables1/2 cup76mgVery High
Navy BeansVegetables1/2 cup76mgVery High
Cocoa PowderIngredients4 tsp67mgVery High
Brown Rice FlourBreads & Grains1 cup65mgVery High
Brown Rice FlourIngredients1 cup65mgVery High
Hot Chocolate (homemade)Drinks1 cup65mgVery High
CornmealBreads & Grains1 cup64mgVery High
CornmealIngredients1 cup64mgVery High
Millet, cookedBreads & Grains1 cup62mgVery High
Bran Flakes with Raisins, Single BrandCereals by Brand1 cup57mgVery High
OkraVegetables1/2 cup57mgVery High
Post Cereals Original Shredded Wheat & BranCereals by Brand1 1/4 cup53mgVery High
French FriesVegetables4 oz or 1/2 cup51mgVery High
French FriesFast Food4 oz51mgVery High
CashewsNuts & Seeds1 oz or 18 kernels49mgVery High
RaspberriesFruits1 cup48mgVery High
Nabisco Honey Nut Shredded Wheat Bite SizeCereals by Brand1 cup47mgVery High
Kellogg's Raisin BranCereals by Brand1 cup46mgVery High
Spoonsize Shredded WheatCereals by Brand1 cup45mgVery High
Nabisco Shredded WheatCereals by Brand2 biscuits42mgVery High
Kellogg's Raisin Squares Mini-WheatsCereals by Brand3/4 cup41mgVery High
Post Cereals Fruit & Fiber Dates, Raisins & WalnutsCereals by Brand1 cup41mgVery High
MisoBreads & Grains1 cup40mgVery High
MisoSoups1 cup40mgVery High
YamsVegetables1/2 cup, cubed40mgVery High
Lentil SoupSoups1 cup39mgVery High
Mixed Nuts (with Peanuts)Nuts & Seeds1 oz39mgVery High
Candies with Nuts (ex Snickers)Nuts & Seeds2 oz38mgVery High
Candy bars with NutsDesserts2 oz38mgVery High
Chocolate SyrupDesserts2 Tbs38mgVery High
Chocolate SyrupSauces2 Tbs38mgVery High
Pancakes (dry mix)Breakfast4 pancakes37mgVery High
General Mills Multi-Bran ChexCereals by Brand1 cup36mgVery High
Post Cereals 40% BranCereals by Brand3/4 cup36mgVery High
StuffingToppings1 cup36mgVery High
Bamboo ShootsVegetables1 cup35mgVery High
Post Cereals Cranberry Almond Crunch (Morning Traditions)Cereals by Brand1 cup35mgVery High
Kellogg's Complete Wheat BranCereals by Brand3/4 cup34mgVery High
BrowniesDesserts1 oz or 1/2 brownie31mgVery High
General Mills Total Raisin BranCereals by Brand1 cup31mgVery High
RutabagaVegetables1/2 cup mashed31mgVery High
WalnutsNuts & Seeds1 cup or 7 nuts31mgVery High
Dried PineapplesFruits1/2 cup30mgVery High
TurnipVegetables1/2 cup mashed30mgVery High
Mashed PotatoesVegetables1 cup29mgVery High
OrangeFruits1 fruit29mgVery High
Wheat Flour, Whole GrainBreads & Grains1 cup29mgVery High
Wheat Flour, Whole GrainIngredients1 cup29mgVery High
Fudge SauceDesserts2 Tbs28mgVery High
Fudge SauceSauces2 Tbs28mgVery High
Kellogg's Frosted Mini-WheatsCereals by Brand1 cup28mgVery High
Sweet PotatoesVegetables1 cup28mgVery High
Carrot JuiceDrinks1 cup27mgVery High
Kellogg's Raisin Bran CrunchCereals by Brand1 cup27mgVery High
PeanutsNuts & Seeds1 oz27mgVery High
Soy Protein IsolateIngredients1 oz27mgVery High
Kellogg's All-Bran OriginalCereals by Brand1/2 cup26mgVery High
Post Cereals 100% BranCereals by Brand1/3 cup25mgVery High
Post Cereals Banana Nut CrunchCereals by Brand1 cup25mgVery High
Brown Rice, cookedBreads & Grains1 cup24mgVery High
Canned PineappleFruits1/2 cup24mgVery High
Chili with BeansFast Food1 cup24mgVery High
DatesFruits1 date24mgVery High
Dried FigsFruits5 pieces/fruits24mgVery High
General Mills Oatmeal Crisp with AlmondsCereals by Brand1 cup24mgVery High
General Mills Raisin Nut BranCereals by Brand1 cup24mgVery High
Veggie BurgerProteins1 pattie24mgVery High
General Mills Honey Nut ClustersCereals by Brand1 cup23mgVery High
LasagnaBreads & Grains1 serving23mgVery High
Lasagna with meatFast Food1 serving23mgVery High
Pancakes (Homemade)Breakfast4 pancakes22mgVery High
Potato ChipsVegetables1 oz21mgVery High
Potato ChipsSnacks1 oz21mgVery High
Fava BeansVegetables1/2 cup20mgVery High
Kellogg's All-Bran BudsCereals by Brand1/2 cup20mgVery High
Kellogg's Mueslix Apple & Almond CrunchCereals by Brand2/3 cup20mgVery High
AvocadosFruits1 fruit19mgVery High
Cream of WheatBreakfast1 cup18mgVery High
OlivesVegetablesapprox 10 olives18mgVery High
Post Cereals Great Grains Crunch PecanCereals by Brand2/3 cup18mgVery High
V8 JuiceDrinks1 cup18mgVery High
All-Purpose FlourBreads & Grains1 cup17mgVery High
All-Purpose FlourIngredients1 cup17mgVery High
Burritos with beansFast Food1 burrito17mgVery High
General Mills Basic 4Cereals by Brand1 cup17mgVery High
Kellogg's MueslixCereals by Brand2/3 cup17mgVery High
Post Cereals Great Grains Raisin, Dates & PecansCereals by Brand2/3 cup17mgVery High
Potato SaladVegetables1/3 cup17mgVery High
Pumpkin SeedsNuts & Seeds1 cup, cooked17mgVery High
Tomato SauceVegetables1/2 cup17mgVery High
Burritos with beans & meatFast Food1 burrito16mgVery High
Cake (homemade)Desserts1 piece16mgVery High
Farina CerealBreakfast1 cup16mgVery High
Kellogg's Low Fat Granola with RaisinsCereals by Brand2/3 cup16mgVery High
KiwiFruits1 fruit16mgVery High
Peanut Butter Reduced FatSpreads1 Tbs16mgVery High
Refried BeansVegetables1/2 cup16mgVery High
TahiniSauces1 Tbs16mgVery High
Cake (boxed)Desserts1 piece15mgVery High
CouscousBreads & Grains1 cup15mgVery High
Kellogg's Cracklin' Oat BranCereals by Brand3/4 cup15mgVery High
Kellogg's Smart StartCereals by Brand1 cup15mgVery High
Lemonade (frozen from concentrate)Drinks8 oz15mgVery High
ParsnipVegetables1/2 cup15mgVery High
Quaker Low Fat 100% Natural Granola with RaisinsCereals by Brand3/4 cup15mgVery High
Red Kidney BeansVegetables1/2 cup15mgVery High
Trail MixNuts & Seeds1 oz15mgVery High
Danish Pastry HomemadeBreakfast1 pastry14mgVery High
Kellogg's Kashi Go LeanCereals by Brand3/4 cup14mgVery High
PistachiosNuts & Seeds1 oz or 48 kernels14mgVery High
Post Cereals Grape NutsCereals by Brand1/2 cup14mgVery High
Tea, BrewedDrinks1 cup14mgVery High
Tomato JuiceDrinks1 cup14mgVery High
Cheeseburger with bunFast Food1 burger & bun13mgVery High
Clam ChowderSoups1 cup13mgVery High
Enchilada with Cheese & beefFast Food1 enchilada13mgVery High
Enchilada with ChickenFast Food1 enchilada13mgVery High
French ToastBreads & Grains2 slices13mgVery High
French ToastBreakfast2 slices13mgVery High
General Mills Fiber OneCereals by Brand1/2 cup13mgVery High
General Mills Nature Valley Cinnimon & Raisins GranolaCereals by Brand3/4 cup13mgVery High
General Mills Oatmeal Raisin CrispCereals by Brand1 cup13mgVery High
Kellogg's Just Right Fruit & NutCereals by Brand1 cup13mgVery High
Kellogg's Puffed KashiCereals by Brand1 cup13mgVery High
Nachos with CheeseFast Food6-8 chips13mgVery High
Peanut ButterSpreads1 Tbs13mgVery High
Pizza with CheeseFast Food2 slices13mgVery High
Quaker 100% Natural Granola Oats & HoneyCereals by Brand1/2 cup13mgVery High
Red River CerealBreakfast1/4 cup13mgVery High
Rice DreamDrinks1 cup13mgVery High
Sweet Rolls Low FatBreakfast1 pastry13mgVery High
TofuProteins3.5oz13mgVery High
English Muffin Whole WheatBreads & Grains1 muffin12mgHigh
English Muffins Whole Wheat ONLYBreakfast1 muffin12mgHigh
GrapefruitFruits1/2 fruit12mgVery High
Grilled Cheese SandwichFast Food1 sandwich12mgHigh
Soy BurgerProteins3.5oz12mgHigh
Sunflower SeedsNuts & Seeds1 cup12mgHigh
TacosFast Food1 small taco12mgHigh
Cake (Low Fat Only)Desserts1 piece11mgHigh
Dried PrunesFruits1/4 cup or 5 prunes11mgHigh
General Mills HarmonyCereals by Brand1 1/4 cup11mgHigh
General Mills Wheaties Raisin BranCereals by Brand1 cup11mgHigh
Kellogg's All-Bran with Extra FiberCereals by Brand1/2 cup11mgHigh
Kellogg's Cocoa KrispiesCereals by Brand3/4 cup11mgHigh
Pancakes (Homemade)Breads & Grains4 cakes11mgHigh
SpaghettiBreads & Grains1 cup cooked11mgHigh
Uncle SamCereals by Brand1 cup11mgHigh
White Rice FlourBreads & Grains1 cup11mgHigh
White Rice FlourIngredients1 cup11mgHigh
Carrots, rawVegetables1/2 lg carrot10mgHigh
Celery, CookedVegetables1 cup10mgHigh
Chocolate Chip Cookies (store)Desserts1 cookie10mgHigh
CollardsVegetables1 cup10mgHigh
Kellogg's Kashi Good FriendsCereals by Brand3/4 cup10mgHigh
Pancakes (mix)Breads & Grains4 cakes10mgHigh
PecansNuts & Seeds1 oz or 15 halves10mgHigh
Quaker Oat BranCereals by Brand1 1/4 cup10mgHigh
TangerineFruits1 fruit10mgHigh
Blueberry MuffinsBreads & Grains1 muffin9mgModerate
Blueberry MuffinsBreakfast1 muffin9mgModerate
FigsFruits1 medium fig9mgModerate
General Mills Golden GrahamsCereals by Brand3/4 cup9mgModerate
Hot Dog with BunFast Food1 dog with bun9mgModerate
Quaker Puffed WheatCereals by Brand1 1/4 cup9mgModerate
String BeansVegetables1/2 cup9mgModerate
English MuffinBreads & Grains1 muffin8mgModerate
English Muffin Multi-GrainBreads & Grains1 muffin8mgModerate
English Muffins - Multi-GrainBreakfast1 muffin8mgModerate
English Muffins - RegBreakfast1 muffin8mgModerate
General Mills CheeriosCereals by Brand1 cup8mgModerate
General Mills Reese's PuffsCereals by Brand3/4 cup8mgModerate
General Mills WheatiesCereals by Brand1 cup8mgModerate
General Mills Whole Grain TotalCereals by Brand3/4 cup8mgModerate
Kellogg's Kashi Heart to HeartCereals by Brand3/4 cup8mgModerate
Post Cereals Blueberry MorningCereals by Brand1/2 cup8mgModerate
Tortillas, flourBreads & Grains1 tortilla8mgModerate
Wheetabix Whole WheatCereals by Brand2 biscuits8mgModerate
Brewer's YeastIngredients1 tbs7mgModerate
Canned CherriesFruits1/2 cup7mgModerate
Carrots, cookedVegetables1/2 cup sliced7mgModerate
Chili PowderIngredients1 tbs7mgModerate
Chocolate Chip Cookies (Low Fat Only)Desserts1 cookie7mgModerate
Chocolate MilkDairy1 cup7mgModerate
Chocolate MilkDrinks1 cup7mgModerate
English Muffin WheatBreads & Grains1 muffin7mgModerate
English Muffins - WheatBreakfast1 muffin7mgModerate
General Mills Berry Bust CheeriosCereals by Brand1 cup7mgModerate
General Mills Honey Nut CheeriosCereals by Brand1 cup7mgModerate
General Mills Wheat ChexCereals by Brand1 cup7mgModerate
Kellogg's Healthy Choice Multi-Grain FlakesCereals by Brand3/4 cup7mgModerate
PoptartBreakfast1 tart7mgModerate
Post Cereals Grape Nuts FlakesCereals by Brand3/4 cup7mgModerate
Prune JuiceDrinks1 cup7mgModerate
Quaker Honey Nut OatsCereals by Brand1 oz7mgModerate
Rye BreadBreads & Grains1 slice7mgModerate
SoybeansVegetables1 cup7mgModerate
TomatoVegetables1 med whole7mgModerate
Tortilla Corn ChipsSnacks1 oz7mgModerate
Tortillas, CornBreads & Grains1 tortilla7mgModerate
Wheat Bran BreadBreads & Grains1 slice7mgModerate
AsparagusVegetables4 spears6mgModerate
BiscuitsBreads & Grains1 biscuit6mgModerate
General Mills Frosted CheeriosCereals by Brand1 cup6mgModerate
General Mills Team CheeriosCereals by Brand1 cup6mgModerate
Oriental Vegetables, frozenVegetables1/2 cup6mgModerate
Quaker Toasted OatmealCereals by Brand1 oz6mgModerate
Tuna SaladProteins1 cup6mgModerate
Whole Wheat BreadBreads & Grains1 slice6mgModerate
Apple PieDesserts1 piece or 1/8th of pie5mgModerate
ArtichokesVegetables1 small bud5mgModerate
Bran Muffin Low fatBreads & Grains1 muffin5mgModerate
Bran Muffin Low FatBreakfast1 muffin5mgModerate
Bran MuffinsBreads & Grains1 muffin5mgModerate
Bran Muffins (store)Breakfast1 muffin5mgModerate
Cracked Wheat BreadBreads & Grains1 slice5mgModerate
DoughnutFast Food1 doughnut5mgModerate
DoughnutBreakfast1 doughnut5mgModerate
EggrollFast Food1 eggroll5mgModerate
General Mills Apple Cinnamon CheeriosCereals by Brand3/4 cup5mgModerate
General Mills Cinnamon Toast CrunchCereals by Brand3/4 cup5mgModerate
General Mills Corn ChexCereals by Brand1 cup5mgModerate
General Mills Count ChoculaCereals by Brand1 cup5mgModerate
General Mills Lucky CharmsCereals by Brand1 cup5mgModerate
General Mills Total Corn FlakesCereals by Brand1 1/3 cup5mgModerate
Hot Chili PeppersVegetables1/2 cup5mgModerate
Just Right with Crunchy NuggetsCereals by Brand1 cup5mgModerate
Kellogg's Complete Oat Bran FlakesCereals by Brand3/4 cup5mgModerate
Low Fat MuffinsBreads & Grains1 muffin5mgModerate
Milk Chocolate CandiesDesserts1 oz5mgModerate
Mixed Vegetables, frozenVegetables1/2 cup5mgModerate
Muffins Low FatBreakfast1 muffin5mgModerate
Onion RingsFast Food6-8 rings5mgModerate
Pies (homemade)Desserts1 piece or 1/8th of pie5mgModerate
Popcorn, oil-poppedSnacks1 cup5mgModerate
Pretzels, Hard & SaltedSnacks1 oz5mgModerate
Pudding PopsicleDesserts1 pop5mgModerate
Quaker Oatmeal SquaresCereals by Brand1 cup5mgModerate
Vegetable Beef SoupSoups1 cup5mgModerate
White BreadBreads & Grains1 slice5mgModerate
Whole Oat BreadBreads & Grains1 slice5mgModerate
Beer (Regular)Drinks1 can4mgLow
Chocolate Pudding, InstantDesserts1/4 box or 1 oz4mgLow
Corn BreadBreads & Grains1 piece4mgLow
CornbreadBreakfast1 piece4mgLow
Danish Pastry, Fruit FilledBreakfast1 pastry4mgLow
Fig BarsDesserts1 cookie4mgLow
General Mills Rice ChexCereals by Brand1 1/4 cup4mgLow
GravySauces1 cup4mgLow
HummusBreads & Grains1 Tbs4mgLow
Kellogg's Rice KrispiesCereals by Brand1 1/4 cup4mgLow
Lemon Juice (canned or bottled)Ingredients1 cup4mgLow
Macaroni & CheeseBreads & Grains1 cup4mgLow
Macaroni & CheeseFast Food1 cup4mgLow
Mustard GreensVegetables1 cup chopped4mgLow
Oat Bran BreadBreads & Grains1 slice4mgLow
Oat Bran MuffinBreads & Grains1 small muffin4mgLow
Oatmeal BreadBreads & Grains1 piece4mgLow
Oatmeal Cookies (store)Desserts1 cookie4mgLow
PineappleFruits1 cup4mgLow
Popcorn, air-poppedSnacks1 cup4mgLow
Rice CakeDesserts1 cake4mgLow
Soy MilkDrinks1 cup4mgLow
White Rice, cookedBreads & Grains1 cup4mgLow
BananaFruits1 fruit3mgLow
Beer (Light)Drinks1 can3mgLow
Celery, rawVegetables1 stalk3mgLow
CherriesFruits1 cup3mgLow
Chicken Noodle SoupSoups1 can3mgLow
Chicken NuggetsProteins6 nuggets3mgLow
Chicken NuggetsFast Food6 nuggets3mgLow
Corn FlourBreads & Grains1 cup3mgLow
Corn FlourIngredients1 cup3mgLow
CornstarchIngredients1 cup3mgLow
Cream Sauce, HomemadeSauces1 cup3mgLow
Dried ApricotsFruits1 cup of halves3mgLow
Frozen Fish SticksProteins2 sticks3mgLow
General Mills Cocoa PuffsCereals by Brand1 cup3mgLow
Homemade Cream SauceDairy1 cup3mgLow
Kashi Go Lean BarBreakfast1 bar3mgLow
Kellogg's Honey Crunch Corn FlakesCereals by Brand3/4 cup3mgLow
Kellogg's SmacksCereals by Brand3/4 cup3mgLow
Kellogg's Special KCereals by Brand1 cup3mgLow
LimesFruits1/2 fruit3mgLow
Mung BeansVegetables1/2 cup3mgLow
Pineapple JuiceDrinks8 oz3mgLow
Post Cereals Honey Bunches of Oats Honey RoastedCereals by Brand3/4 cup3mgLow
Powdered MilkDrinks1 envelope3mgLow
Powered MilkDairy1 envelope3mgLow
Quaker Oaker Oat Cinnamon LifeCereals by Brand3/4 cup3mgLow
Quaker Quaker Oat LifeCereals by Brand3/4 cup3mgLow
RaisinsFruits1 oz or 1 small snack box3mgLow
Ritz CrackersSnacks5 crackers3mgLow
Sea VegetablesVegetables1 cup3mgLow
Snack Cakes (crème filled)Desserts1 cake3mgLow
Soy SauceSauces1 Tbs3mgLow
Turkey DogsProteins1 dog3mgLow
Apple JuiceDrinks6 oz2mgVery Low
Apple SauceFruits1 cup2mgVery Low
Apricot JuiceDrinks1 cup2mgVery Low
BlackberriesFruits1/2 cup2mgVery Low
BlueberriesFruits1/2 cup2mgVery Low
Brussel SproutsVegetables1/2 cup frozen2mgVery Low
Coffee DecaffDrinks1 cup2mgVery Low
Cranberry SauceFruits1/2 cup2mgVery Low
Dried ApplesFruits1 cup or 13 rings2mgVery Low
Fruit Roll-UpsSnacks1 roll2mgVery Low
General Mills KixCereals by Brand1 1/3 cup2mgVery Low
Graham CrackersSnacks1 large rectangle2mgVery Low
Granola Bars Low FatBreakfast1 oz uncoated2mgVery Low
KaleVegetables1 cup chopped2mgVery Low
Kellogg's Froot LoopsCereals by Brand1 cup2mgVery Low
Kellogg's Special K Red BerriesCereals by Brand1 cup2mgVery Low
MeatballsProteins2 meatballs2mgVery Low
Oatmeal Cookie (homemade)Desserts1 cookie2mgVery Low
Olive Oil & VinegarSauces2mgVery Low
Orange JuiceDrinks1 cup2mgVery Low
PearsFruits1 fruit2mgVery Low
Plain YogurtDairy1 cup2mgVery Low
Post Cereals Fruity PebblesCereals by Brand3/4 cup2mgVery Low
Post Cereals Honey Bunches of Oats with AlmondsCereals by Brand3/4 cup2mgVery Low
Postum (coffee Substitute)Drinks1 serving2mgVery Low
Quaker Puffed RiceCereals by Brand1 cup2mgVery Low
Rice PuddingDesserts1/2 cup2mgVery Low
StrawberriesFruits1/2 cup2mgVery Low
1% MilkDairy1 cup1mgVery Low
1% MilkDrinks1 cup1mgVery Low
2% MilkDairy1 cup1mgVery Low
2% MilkDrinks1 cup1mgVery Low
ApplesFruits1 fruit1mgVery Low
Artificial SweetnerIngredients1 packet1mgVery Low
BluefishProteins1 fillet1mgVery Low
Bok Choy (Chinese Cabbage)Vegetables1 cup, raw1mgVery Low
BroccoliVegetables1/2 cup chopped1mgVery Low
Brown SugarIngredients1 cup packed1mgVery Low
Bullion CubeIngredients1 cube1mgVery Low
ButtermilkDairy1 cup1mgVery Low
ButtermilkIngredients1 cup1mgVery Low
CabbageVegetables1/2 cup1mgVery Low
Canned PeachesFruits1/2 cup1mgVery Low
Canned PearsFruits1/2 cup1mgVery Low
CantaloupeFruits1/4 melon1mgVery Low
Carnation Instant BreakfastBreakfast1 packet1mgVery Low
Catsup/KetchupCondiments1 packet1mgVery Low
CauliflowerVegetables1/2 cup cooked1mgVery Low
Chicken DogProteins1 dog1mgVery Low
Chicken RollFast Food1 package1mgVery Low
CoffeeDrinks1 cup1mgVery Low
CornVegetables1/2 cup1mgVery Low
Corn Syrup (high Fructose)Ingredients1 tbs1mgVery Low
Cottage Cheese Fat FreeDairy1/2 cup1mgVery Low
Cream Cheese Fat FreeDairy1 oz1mgVery Low
Cream Cheese Fat FreeSpreads1 oz1mgVery Low
Cream Cheese Low FatSpreads1 oz1mgVery Low
CucumberVegetables1/4 cucumber1mgVery Low
CustardDesserts1 cup1mgVery Low
Dried CranberriesFruits1/2 cup1mgVery Low
Fat Free MilkDairy1 cup1mgVery Low
Fat Free MilkDrinks1 cup1mgVery Low
Frozen YogurtDairy1/2 cup1mgVery Low
Fruit CocktailFruits1/2 cup1mgVery Low
Granola Bars- Hard & PlainBreakfast1 bar1mgVery Low
Grape JuiceDrinks8 oz1mgVery Low
GrapesFruits1/2 cup or 16 seedless grapes1mgVery Low
Green PepperVegetables1 ring1mgVery Low
Herring (Atlantic & Pacific)Proteins3 oz1mgVery Low
Honeydew MelonFruits1 cup1mgVery Low
Hot DogsProteins1 dog1mgVery Low
Jam/JellyToppings1 Tbs1mgVery Low
JelloDesserts1 cup1mgVery Low
Kellogg's Corn FlakesCereals by Brand1 cup1mgVery Low
Kellogg's Corn PopsCereals by Brand1 cup1mgVery Low
Kellogg's CrispixCereals by Brand1 cup1mgVery Low
Kellogg's Frosted FlakesCereals by Brand3/4 cup1mgVery Low
Kellogg's Product 19Cereals by Brand1 cup1mgVery Low
Kool-AidDrinks1 cup1mgVery Low
Lean Hamburg (90%)Proteins3 oz1mgVery Low
Lemonade (diet)Drinks8 oz1mgVery Low
LemonsFruits1 wedge1mgVery Low
Low Fat Cream CheeseDairy1 oz1mgVery Low
Lowfat Frozen YogurtDairy1/2 cup1mgVery Low
MangoFruits1 fruit1mgVery Low
Mango JuiceDrinks8 oz1mgVery Low
Mustard, yellowCondiments1 tsp or packet1mgVery Low
Non Fat Yogurt with FruitDairy8 oz1mgVery Low
PapayaFruits1 medium fruit1mgVery Low
PeasVegetables1/2 cup1mgVery Low
PlaintainFruits1 medium1mgVery Low
Post Cereals HoneycombCereals by Brand1 1/3 cup1mgVery Low
Post Cereals WafflecrispCereals by Brand1 cup1mgVery Low
Red WineDrinks4 oz1mgVery Low
Rice Krispy TreatDesserts1 bar1mgVery Low
SalsaToppings1 Tbs1mgVery Low
SaltinesSnacks1 cracker1mgVery Low
SauerkrautVegetables1/2 cup1mgVery Low
ScallionsVegetables1/2 cup1mgVery Low
Sweet Whey FluidIngredients1 cup1mgVery Low
TriscuitsSnacks1 cracker1mgVery Low
Vanilla PuddingDesserts1 cup1mgVery Low
WatermelonFruits1 slice1mgVery Low
Wheat CrackersSnacks1 cracker1mgVery Low
Wheat Thins, Reduced FatSnacks1 cracker1mgVery Low
Whole MilkDairy1 cup1mgVery Low
Whole MilkDrinks1 cup1mgVery Low
Wild Game MeatProteins3 oz1mgVery Low
Yellow SquashVegetables1/2 cup1mgVery Low
Yogurt with FruitDairy8 oz1mgVery Low
ZucchiniVegetables1/2 cup1mgVery Low
Alaskan King CrabProteins3 oz or 1/2 leg0mgLittle or None
Alfalfa SproutsVegetables1/2 cup0mgLittle or None
American CheeseDairy1 slice0mgLittle or None
AntelopeProteins3 oz0mgLittle or None
Apple ButterSpreads1 Tbs0mgLittle or None
ApricotsFruits1 fruit0mgLittle or None
BaconProteins2 slices0mgLittle or None
BaconBreakfast2 slices0mgLittle or None
Barley Malt FlourBreads & Grains1 cup0mgLittle or None
Barley Malt FlourIngredients1 cup0mgLittle or None
Black PepperIngredients1 dash0mgLittle or None
BolognaProteins1 slice0mgLittle or None
BuffaloProteins3 oz0mgLittle or None
ButterSpreads1 Pat0mgLittle or None
ButterIngredients1 pat0mgLittle or None
Cheddar CheeseDairy1 slice0mgLittle or None
ChickenProteins3 oz0mgLittle or None
Chicken LiverProteins3 oz0mgLittle or None
ChivesVegetables1 tsp0mgLittle or None
Clams, rawProteins3 oz0mgLittle or None
Cod Liver Fish OilProteins1 tsp0mgLittle or None
Cod Liver OilIngredients1 tsp0mgLittle or None
Cod, pacificProteins3 oz or 1 fillet0mgLittle or None
Coffee CreamerDairy1 Tbs0mgLittle or None
Corn BranBreads & Grains1 cup0mgLittle or None
Corn Syrup (Light)Ingredients1 tbs0mgLittle or None
Cottage CheeseDairy1/2 cup0mgLittle or None
CreamIngredients1 tbs0mgLittle or None
Cream CheeseDairy1 oz0mgLittle or None
Cream CheeseSpreads1 oz0mgLittle or None
Cream SubstituteIngredients1 tsp0mgLittle or None
Egg BeatersDairy4 oz0mgLittle or None
EggbeatersIngredients4 oz0mgLittle or None
EggbeatersBreakfast4 oz0mgLittle or None
EggsDairy1 medium0mgLittle or None
EggsIngredients1 medium egg0mgLittle or None
EggsBreakfast1 medium egg0mgLittle or None
EndiveVegetables1/2 cup0mgLittle or None
FlaxseedBreads & Grains1 Tbs0mgLittle or None
FlaxseedNuts & Seeds1 Tbs0mgLittle or None
FlounderProteins3 oz0mgLittle or None
Garlic PowderIngredients1 tsp0mgLittle or None
GatoradeDrinks1 cup0mgLittle or None
GelatinIngredients1 tbs or 1 envelope0mgLittle or None
General Mills TrixCereals by Brand1 cup0mgLittle or None
Grapefruit JuiceDrinks8 oz0mgLittle or None
Ground BeefProteins3 oz0mgLittle or None
HaddockProteins3 oz0mgLittle or None
HalibutProteins3 oz0mgLittle or None
HamProteins3 oz0mgLittle or None
Healthy Valley Oat Bran FlakesCereals by Brand1 cup0mgLittle or None
HoneyIngredients1 tbs0mgLittle or None
HorseradishSpreads1 Tbs0mgLittle or None
Ice Cream LightDairy1/2 cup0mgLittle or None
Iceberg LettuceVegetables1 cup0mgLittle or None
Italian Salad DressingToppings1 Tbs0mgLittle or None
LardIngredients1 tsp0mgLittle or None
Lean Hamburg (75%)Proteins3 oz0mgLittle or None
Lean Hamburg (85%)Proteins3 oz0mgLittle or None
Lemon Juice Raw (concentrate)Ingredients1 tbs0mgLittle or None
Liquor (80 proof)Drinks1 jigger0mgLittle or None
LiverProteins3.5oz0mgLittle or None
Low Fat CheeseDairy1 slice0mgLittle or None
Low Fat Cottage CheeseDairy1 cup0mgLittle or None
MackeralProteins3 oz0mgLittle or None
MayonnaiseCondiments1 Tbs0mgLittle or None
MolassesIngredients1 tbs0mgLittle or None
MooseProteins3oz0mgLittle or None
Mozzarella CheeseDairy1 oz0mgLittle or None
MushroonsVegetables1 mushroom0mgLittle or None
NectarineFruits1 fruit0mgLittle or None
Non Fat Ice CreamDairy1/2 cup0mgLittle or None
Non-Dairy CreamerDairy1 Tbs0mgLittle or None
Oat Bran, rawBreads & Grains1/3 cup0mgLittle or None
Oat FlourIngredients1 cup0mgLittle or None
Oatmeal CerealBreakfast1 cup0mgLittle or None
OnionsVegetables1 small onion0mgLittle or None
OystersProteins3 oz0mgLittle or None
Pancake SyrupSauces3/4 Tbs0mgLittle or None
Pancake SyrupBreakfast3/4 tbs0mgLittle or None
PeachesFruits1 fruit0mgLittle or None
PicklesVegetables1 pickle0mgLittle or None
PlumsFruits1 fruit0mgLittle or None
PollockProteins3 oz0mgLittle or None
PopsicleDesserts1 stick0mgLittle or None
PorkProteins5 oz0mgLittle or None
Quaker Cap'n CrunchCereals by Brand3/4 cup0mgLittle or None
RadishVegetables10 count0mgLittle or None
Romaine LettuceVegetables1 cup0mgLittle or None
Salmon (all types)Proteins4 oz0mgLittle or None
SaltIngredients1 tsp0mgLittle or None
Salted ButterDairy1 pat0mgLittle or None
SardinesProteins1 can or 3.75oz0mgLittle or None
SherbertDesserts1/2 cup0mgLittle or None
ShorteningIngredients1 tsp0mgLittle or None
ShrimpProteins3 oz0mgLittle or None
Sodas (all types)Drinks8 oz0mgLittle or None
Sour CreamDairy1 Tbs0mgLittle or None
SugarIngredients1 tsp0mgLittle or None
Sweet Whey DriedIngredients1 tbs0mgLittle or None
Sweetened Instant Iced TeaDrinks1 cup0mgLittle or None
SwordfishProteins1 piece0mgLittle or None
Tapioca PuddingDesserts1/2 cup0mgLittle or None
Tuna Fish (in oil)Proteins3.5 oz0mgLittle or None
Tuna Fish (in water)Proteins3.5oz0mgLittle or None
TurkeyProteins5 oz0mgLittle or None
Vanilla Ice CreamDairy1/2 cup0mgLittle or None
VenisonProteins3 oz0mgLittle or None
WaterDrinks8 oz0mgLittle or None
WaterchestnutsVegetables4 waterchestnuts0mgLittle or None
Whipped CreamToppings2 Tbs0mgLittle or None
Whipped ToppingToppings2 Tbs0mgLittle or None
White WineDrinks4 oz0mgLittle or None
WhitingProteins3 oz0mgLittle or None

Source: Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health

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